(Not GAs, RAs or TAs)

Congratulations on attending one of our State University of New York Higher Education Campuses. If you have comprehensive health insurance and want to apply for a waiver of the SUNY Health Insurance Plan, you will need to follow the instructions below:
  1. Applications with missing or incomplete documentation will be denied. Additional documents will not be accepted after you submit your application.
  2. You will have only one opportunity to complete this online form, so be certain to have your Health Insurance Information as detailed below before continuing!
    1. Insurance policy of the plan you are attempting to use to waive indicating coverage amounts in US dollars
    2. Date of insurance coverage for the current academic year
    3. Identification card issued by the insurance company
    4. All documents must be in English and any form of currency must be in US dollars
  3. If you are an international student employed as a teaching assistant, research assistant, or graduate assistant, and are seeking a waiver of your integration insurance contact your appropriate campus office for further instructions. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.

On-line waiver processing must be completed prior to October 15th for Fall students and February 15th for new students starting for the Spring Semester.

If you are an International Student, your plan must also meet the following criteria:
  • Your plan must have a claims payment office in the United States and/or have provisions to pay medical providers directly. This will reduce your “out-of-pocket” cost for medical care.
  • Your plan must have a policy written in English and expressed in US dollars.
  • Your plan must pay at least $10,000 for Medical Evacuation each year.
  • Your plan must pay at least $7,500 for Repatriation of Remains.

Please note: Travel plans and county medical service plans (CMSP) are not allowed to be used to waive.

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